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Your 2013 success lays clues to your 2014 goals.

This time of year we tend to make resolutions for the next year based on our failures of the past year.  However, I believe that focusing on our successes will give us better guidance. 

So I want to know 20 things you accomplished in 2013.  Send me a private message if you don’t want to share publicly.  This is also an exercise in sharing our accomplishments, something that apparently most women and some men could do more of.

Here’s my 2013 list with the natural segue into 2014:

1. I completed the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Online Leadership Course.

2. I became a Buddy for said course. (2014- Become a Facilitator)

3. I finally obtained my Washington State Food Handlers permit.

4. I fed 16 to 18 Student Conservation Association members for two weeks in an outdoor kitchen.

5. I became certified to use Girl Scouts of Western Washington’s commercial kitchens. (2014- Cook with my friends and feed people improving girls lives.)

6. I helped At Risk Youth meet goals. (2014- Improve process and help more.  Help some find something other than illegal thrills to be excited about.)

7. I learned that my husband and I can not only succeed in a canoe through class 2 rapids, but we love this activity together. (2014- Explore more.)

8. After 5 years, I finally pulled out my fly rod again, and improved my casting. (2014- Get the hook out without freaking out.)

9. I held a Moon Snail and learned about their habitat, then started finding them easily.  I had grown up seeing signs of them all around and had no clue! I also learned how to identify and find Chanterelles.  (2014- Renew the knowledge of nature I had in my youth.)

10.  I helped my daughter with real and ground breaking research.

11.  I started learning Java.  My son is an amazing teacher and very patient. (2014- Script on my own.)

12.  I excelled at meeting work related goals. (2014- Can’t help but do this one.)

13.  I let go of something I loved and walked away with dignity.  Consequently I learned that a lot more people love me than I had expected.

14.  I traveled to places I’ve never been. (2014- always.)

15.  I succeeded, along with my husband, with our introduction to empty nest syndrome. (Had a blast and loved it.  However, it gets real this year.)

15.  I volunteered over 350 (8 40 hour weeks) combined hours for Girl Scouts, WAGGGS, WSDOT/Cascade Bicycle Club, NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, USGS North American Bird Phenology, and Soroptimist International. (2014- I love it all.)

16. I sucked up my disgust of house painting and doing projects my mother’s way and spent weeks painting with my mother.  I consider this my toughest accomplishment.  It was actually pleasant. (2014- Finish this project as planned.)

17.  I joined a 2014 Ski to Sea team. (2014- Paddle hard.)

18.  I made new friends around the world. (2014- Renew my passport!)

19.  I successfully gained more weight. (2014- Ski and bike it away.)

20.  I told both of my parents my specific concerns about them, which gave them the opportunity to tell me their successes and current issues related to my concerns.  I know where they are at and I feel so much better. (2014- Stay up to date.)