The family returns home from the day

Dog curled up on her bed
gently protecting given chew toy;
watching son lean forward with remote, bombing.
World War Two targets on silent flat screen T V
stereo sounding unhurried music;
of independence, drugs and love, singing.
Husband speaks to air with square phone to ear
co-worker at Dallas airport in hail storm;
standing in kitchen near raw chicken, waiting.
While daughter leaves algebra on bed
to answer tap at door to say hi;
two small girls with dog leash, looking.
I survey the yard, blue sky and budding trees
beyond the fence a 747 leaving town;
family together safe at home, seeming.
Viewing video from helicopters of tornadoes 
ravaging homes and diminishing economic news;
as the internet should be of stories, telling.

Talk with someone and smile.

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